Friday, February 11, 2011

Project Food Budget: Week 5, Better Late Than Never?

Well, I'm about a day late for this blog post, and it's not going to be a very good one. I'm so busy lately.

Anyway, my goal is $20 and I spent $26 today! Pretty good. I've been eating: bagels with Earth Balance or peanut butter and jelly; Subway sandwiches (okay, that added $10); Smart dogs; and some odd snacks and frozen meals I had on hand.

Today, Dave and I picked out some new recipes and bought ingredients. He made some (Daiya) cheesy garlic bread, and I made broccoli and garlic sauce from VegWeb. It was pretty good, but a little too spicy, and that's with half as much garlic as the recipe suggested. Then we made homemade peanut butter cups with semisweet chocolate chips and natural peanut butter. Yuuummm. I know those things don't go together, but it's what we were craving.

Some other things we wanted to try are Mexican rice, cheesy potato bake, spring rolls, cinnamon rolls, and tofu scramble. I want to replicate the Vegan Popeye (spinach and mushroom) from the Rutherford Pancake House... and we really wanted some kind of creamy potato soup recipe, but I couldn't find one.

Tomorrow, after my Saturday morning class (UGH), we're off to Asbury Park for the weekend to see the Bouncing Souls tomorrow night. I'm thinking Subway sandwiches for the train ride, and then I have to get a vegan sandwich from the Twisted Tree Cafe and a triple decker, deep-fried PB&J from the pub. It just comes with the territory. So that might set back my budget a bit.

My goal for next week is to write a real entry, on time!

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  1. those peanut butter cups sound yummy!

    and no worries on being late. it happens. :)

  2. Good luck with the potato soup recipe. I've yet to find a creamy one that I just love that doesn't call for a ton of Earth Balance. The one I make is a mashup veganization of several non-vegan recipes and it's basically potato gravy. Ha.

  3. Hm, have you typed up that recipe? I wouldn't mind trying it.

    and the peanut butter cups were very good... we froze them and ate all 20 in one day.