Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project Food Budget: Week 1, The Food Inventory

Starting this week, I am going to be participating in “Project: Food Budget.” I’ve been wanting to make a budget and save money on food for a while, so I thought it would be a good idea to join some other blogs in a group effort.

I am only cooking for one other person, so I am making my weekly budget $20. It might be a bit ambitious, but I think it’s reasonable. I do most of my shopping at Pathmark and ShopRite, though I sometimes go to the health food store to splurge on specialty vegan ingredients like Daiya cheese.

This week, I decided to do a food inventory. I went through our refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards, and I found 82 ingredients! Here we have been complaining that there is nothing to eat, but we could probably live off this food for a month. I also put everything into categories (condiments, vegetables, etc.) so I can easily create meal ideas.

But the Can-Can Sale is going on at ShopRite! I decided to stock up. I had run out of some basic ingredients, and there are some snacks and ingredients we would like to make our favorite recipes. Other than that, I am going to start creating meals from what I already have.

Total food cost this week: $40

Planned foods this week: veggie quesadillas; veggie pizza; rice pilaf… other simple meals.

Some new goals for this challenge:
* Use the food I have before it expires.
* Eat different meals each week.
* Start looking for coupons, deals and sales.
* Buy a lot more fruits, veggies, and dried beans/grains; and a lot fewer processed foods.

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  1. Good to meet another vegan too. A food inventory is a fantastic idea! I bet if I did that, I'd get a lot more ideas for meals based on what I have. So sad to have food hidden in the back of a cabinet expire!

  2. i did an inventory once. it was eye opening. though got hard to keep current. looking forward to see how you fare with your goals. :)

  3. Yeah my next task is to catalogue the expiration dates. Tedious, but very helpful. I also thought of donating to a food pantry the food that I won't be able to use before it expires. I'm sure I have some.