Friday, January 21, 2011

A Classic Lunch: Macaroni and "Chreese" with Tomato Soup!

Well, I don't know how many other people used to love putting tomato soup in their macaroni and cheese. I was addicted ever since my mom introduced it to me when I was very young! I've been wanting to try a vegan version.

I had one box of Shells and Chreese left, and I also had a carton of Imagine Tomato Soup. I'm sure you can make your own tomato soup if you want, and although I haven't tried it, someone claims to have developed a homemade alternative to chreese.

I cooked the mac and chreese according to the directions. Then during the very last step, while it was thickening, I added just enough tomato soup to make everything appear red-orange. (I put in a little at a time and tasted a shell or two.)

It came out perfect! Maybe not exactly how I remembered Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Campbell's Soup... but pretty great. And knowing that it's so much healthier and doesn't harm animals helps a lot.

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