Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, Great New Vegan Blog!

Well, happy New Year and welcome to my new blog! I drew up a quick list of new goals last night, one of which was writing one entry to this blog every day. There are lots of exciting topics I want to cover in my own way, in addition to summarizing what other people have said. These topics include how to eat healthy, tasty vegan meals without spending too much money; how to save money and get free goods; how to keep a good social life as a broke vegetarian; and much more! I want to cover all aspects of a Low Budge Veg life.

Just to sum up my views, I am more of a Vegan Outreach-style vegan. I only have one reason for my dietary choices, in addition to my other lifestyle choices, and that is to reduce suffering in the world. I prefer not to waste time splitting hairs in ways that are unlikely to make any difference whatsoever, and I believe that advocacy should be a primary goal of any true vegan. Therefore, I will be discussing various lifestyle and advocacy topics, but do not expect me to help you get into the “vegan club” because I am not interested in that. I am interested in helping people make realistic choices to help animals and make the world a better place.

Now to take advantage of the New Year, I think we can all add some concrete, vegan-related goals to our New Year’s resolutions. I have vowed to myself to plan for three healthy, fresh meals a day, primarily omnivore-friendly ones to ease my live-in boyfriend into eating with me. I have also vowed that every time I go to a party, particularly a non-vegan one, I will make my own vegan dish for each course to share, and all of my gifts will be homemade cookbooks or foods.

If you don’t like those ideas or they don’t apply to you, here are some other ideas:

* Try one new unfamiliar recipe each week from a cookbook or the internet. fits most of my needs!

* Make at least one vegan meal or treat each month for omnivore friends and family.

* Read the top news stories relating to veganism each week or month from or VegE-News.

*Request some free leaflets from Vegan Outreach or PETA, and distribute them on a busy street for half an hour once a week.

* Host or volunteer for at least one event this year from FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement), spreading vegan food and information.

* If you are not already vegan, go vegan for this year. If you need to ease into it, choose one meal a day or one day a week that will always be vegan.

Even if you are reading this on another day, try to adopt at least one of these goals. It’s always the right time to do something good for animals (and yourself).

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