Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recent Food Endeavors: Veggie Mac & Chreese, Creamy Raspberry-Banana Smoothie

I have been making a serious effort to eat healthier lately... to achieve all of my goals, really. Maybe it was turning 21, or the freedom of summer coming to a close, or working a temporary job--I don't know. But I've been trying new, cheap and easy ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

The very first night, I decided to slip some frozen vegetables into one of my favorite meals, Macaroni and Chreese! It's a very easy recipe!

Vegetable Mac & Chreese
(serves 2 as a full meal)

1 box macaroni and chreese
1/2 cup soy milk for chreese recipe
1 bag steam-in-a-bag vegetables
Extra nutritional yeast and soy milk to taste

1.) Cook macaroni and chreese as directed.
2.) Steam vegetables in the bag as directed.
3.) Add in more nooch' and soy milk as needed to create extra sauce.

Then the other day, I cut up and froze two bananas since I've been hearing such good things about that--smoothies and banana ice "cream." I'm still hoping to try the latter. Anyway, I finally dug out my little engine-that-could food processor after several months. (There will be a lot more [food processing] where this came from.) I was planning on doing a blueberry-banana smoothie until we went to a local farm for fruit. The only dessert fruit they had was raspberries. I decided that would do just as well--it would just be a pink smoothie rather than blue. It turned out veryyy tasty, creamy and refreshing. Another simpleton recipe...

Creamy Raspberry-Banana Smoothie
(serves 2 comfortably)

2 bananas, chopped and frozen
1 cup whole, farm-fresh raspberries
couple splashes of soy milk

1.) Blend together the raspberries and bananas.
2.) Add soy milk gradually, tasting to achieve desired creaminess.

Sorry I don't have photos! I really need to get more into the habit of food photography. I'm not great at it, but it can be fun and rewarding when people say, "Your cooking looks so good!"

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